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Quick Averages

This spreadsheet is easy to use and quick to fill in - a basic calculator for tracking player averages, and nothing else!

We know there's nothing more likely to motivate a team than to see the current list of players' averages, so we've created this quick and easy spreadsheet which does just that.

Toolkit QAC
Download XLSX • 32KB

QAC Instructions All you have to do is enter your player’s scores at the end of every game. The averages for your team are updated as you type them in, and will always be shown in order of highest first. We’ve thrown a couple of little extra features in for those who want them… You can choose to remove players from the list who have played a small number of games, so your part-time players don’t need to skew the results! Also, you can choose to list your team by using their average score, highest score, lowest score or number of games played. The Quick Average Calculator can hold information for up to 20 players, and has space to input up to 26 league games. Compatibility This spreadsheet file will run on any Windows device which is equipped with Microsoft Excel 2003 or later. It may run on non-Windows devices however there may be compatibility issues. Credits Created by Jon Ponting for


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