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Latest News

  • The Bonecrushers (Division 1) has a new captain. Contact details for Jamie Cox are available in the Teams section or by contacting the League directly.

  • Ladybirds (Division 6) have changed alleys - they will now play on the Rose & Crown in Malmesbury on Thursday nights. They were previously playing at the Old Royal Ship.

  • Due to the number of teams who've been beaten in both the Knockout and Nomination competitions, there'll be a couple of first round Double Exit games played week commencing 11th November. The main bulk of games will take place in the second round phase after the New Year break.

  • Wooden Tops (Division 2) have changed alleys - they will now play on the Rose & Crown in Malmesbury on Fridays. They were due to play at the Three Cups.

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  • This week is for the second round of Knockout games. There are also a couple of Double Exit first round games to be played. It would be appreciated if teams with postponed games could use this week to catch up.

  • We have twenty missing or postponed league results. League games should be played within two months of their original fixture, or before the New Year, whichever is sooner.

Full fixture lists are here

Hi-Scores (as of November 11th)

  • Top of the 50 Club is Dale Whitchard (Badminton B) with an aggregate of 217.

  • Top of the 60 Club is Ian Thurgood (Volunteer) with 1 x 65.

  • Top of the averages (players with three or more league games) is Dale Whitchard (Badminton B) with 50.8.

  • Top of the home average list (players with three or more home games) is Clive Gough (Bonecrushers) with 52.3.

  • Top of the away average list (players with three or more home games) is Paul Hatherall (Cabbage Patch) with 47.7.

  • Team hi-score so far this season goes to Wannabees (411).

  • Team highest league average is BadmintonB (386).

  • Team highest league home average is Wannabees (403).

  • Team highest league away average is BadmintonB (392).

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Teams and Alleys

  • We have 72 teams in the league this year.

  • Two alleys have changed alleys since the season began - Ladybirds and Wooden Tops now play at the Rose and Crown in Malmesbury.

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Enjoy the 2019/2020 season. Good luck everyone!