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Electronic Scoreboard

This spreadsheet can be used as an electronic scoreboard for skittles games.

This is ideal for those of us who aren't the best at maths - this scoreboard will do all the calculations for you, working out individual totals, pin difference and points totals.

Toolkit Scoreboard
Download XLSX • 21KB

Scoreboard Instructions

It is best to install this file on a laptop, tablet or smartphone so it can be taken to the venue. If you own a venue, a laptop could be linked to a screen or projector to create an electronic scoreboard! First steps: Open the file and select from the bottom-left tab which league you are playing in (It defaults to Malmesbury main league). Before the game: You can enter the team and player names in the relevant boxes - In the top right corner of the spreadsheet are two useful functions which should be set before the game begins: 'First to bowl' should be set to show which team is going first - either the home or the away team. If this is selected correctly, a white arrow will appear next to the team names to indicate whose go it is. 'Pin Difference' can be set to calculate at the end of each leg (the traditional approach), or it can update after each go. If this option is set to 'Always', a red exclamation mark will be shown - please ensure this does not confuse players who are not used to the pin difference constantly changing. During the game: Enter player scores in the same way you would on a real scoreboard. All tallies are automatic, and a sub-total will appear after five goes. If a player scores zero, enter '0'. Do not leave the box blank. End of the game: When the game is complete, the results will appear to the right of the scoreboard, including points and final pin difference. Compatibility

​This spreadsheet file will run on any Windows device which is equipped with Microsoft Excel 2003 or later. It may run on non-Windows devices however there may be compatibility issues.



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