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The section displays scores from individual players. The data is collected directly from the Fixture Secretary, and sorted into different lists to make it easier to search.

This page shows PLAYER AVERAGES. You can use the buttons below to switch between the 50 Club competition, high scores, individual game scores and all time records.

You can also access the League's official scorecards. This is useful if you want to check that results have been recorded correctly.

On the below table (which may take a moment to load), you can re-order, search and filter through the records. Instructions are here.

Type your team name (without spaces) in the Search box to only display players in your team.

Type Div1 , Div2 , Div3 , or Div4 to only display players from your division.

If you would prefer your information not to be shared publicly, it is your right to opt out: Notify us of your opt out request

Notes: Players must record a minimum of THREE league games before their average is displayed. Cup game results are NOT included in this table.

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