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Ladies Cup 2023

The first round of the 2023 Ladies Cup will be held at 8.30pm on Thursday, 4th May.

There are two groups playing simultaneously at Malmesbury Bowls Club and Malmesbury Football Club.

The top ELEVEN scores from each group will go on to play at the final at the Volunteer on Friday 19th May.


Playing at the Football Club:

  • Alley Cats (Kerin Oram)

  • Allsorts (Jacky Collett)

  • Brassmonkeys (Rose Kingscote)

  • Brassmonkeys (Sandra Butler)

  • Brassmonkeys (Becky Wade)

  • Malmesbury Vics (Lucy Trinder)

  • Malmesbury Vics (Karen Trinder)

  • Malmesbury Vics (Sue Trinder)

  • Red Bull (Sharon Graham)

  • Rifle Club (Julie Leighfield)

  • Rifle Club (Landing Garraway)

  • Somerford Shower (Jake Vale)

  • Spare Parts (Hayley Webb)

  • Twelve Bores (Liz Hutchinson)


Playing at the Bowls Club:

  • Dolly Mixtures (Jessica Sheppard)

  • Flintstones (Tracey Rose)

  • Flintstones (Beth Rose)

  • Flintstones (Helen Young)

  • Guys N Dolls ()

  • Matadors (Eunice Hatto)

  • Matadors (Sara Trinder)

  • Outsiders (Pam Bubb)

  • Rattlers (Sarah Wareham)

  • Rattlers (Megan Langdown)

  • Wanderers (Sarah Raines-Watling)

  • Wanderers (Joan Taylor)

  • Wanderers (Julie Bloodworth)

  • Wooden Tops (Pauline Evans)


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