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League Meeting - 14th August 2023

Minutes 230814
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Minutes of Committee Meeting held on Monday 14th August 2023 at The Red Bull,

Malmesbury, at 8.00pm.


Mr. P. Hatherall (Chairman)

Mr. C. Brace (Secretary/Treasurer)

The Chairman & Treasurer presented cups & trophies to all the winners, where a lot of them

having been replaced with new ones.

The minutes of the A.G.M / E.A.G.M held on Monday 19th June 2023 were passed as correct

by the members and duly signed by the Chairman. There were no matters arising.

Start of League Season 2023/2024

The start of the new season commences on the 21st August for Divisions 3 & 4 and then

week commencing 4th September for Divisions 1 & 2.

It was raised if the season could start later due to holidays, and the Chairman said that this

would be passed on to the Fixture Secretary for comment.

Confirmation of New Secretary

Tracey Rose kindly volunteered to be the new Secretary, and this was duly accepted by the

Committee members.

Reminder of New Bank Account

The HSBC account will be closed at the end of the month, so please use the new Lloyds


Issue of Fixture Books

As discussed at the A.G.M / E.A.G.M each team have been allocated 5 books per team, but

extra ones are available if needed.

Any Other Business:

As we spent £671 this season on the replacement trophies, a suggestion was made that

maybe local businesses would be willing to sponsor some of the cups/trophies in return for

free advertising etc. within the league website and social media. This will be looked into.

The Chairman reminded members about the 8pm start for some teams, and this is included

in the Fixture Book along with the team particulars.

There being no other business, the Chairman wished everyone good luck and closed the

meeting at 8.20 pm.



A Committee Meeting of the above League will be held at The Red Bull, Malmesbury on

Monday 14th August 2023 commencing at 8pm.

PLEASE NOTE - change of date to the one advertised for Monday 7th August 2023.

It would be appreciated if all teams were represented.

Chris Brace



1) Presentation of Cups

2) Minutes of the A.G.M / E.A.G.M held on Monday 19th June 2023 (below)

3) Matters Arising

4) Start of League Season 2023/2024

5) Confirmation of New Secretary

6) Reminder of New Bank Account - Lloyds Bank, Sort Code 309950, Account Number


7) Issue of Fixture Books

8) Any Other Business


Minutes of the A.G.M / E.A.G.M held on Monday 19 th June 2023 at The Red Bull,

Malmesbury, at 8pm.


Mr. P. Hatherall (Chairman)

Mr. P. Exton (Vice-Chairman/Fixture Secretary)

Mr. C. Brace (Secretary/Treasurer)

The minutes of the A.G.M held on Monday17th June 2019 were passed as correct by the

members and duly signed by the Chairman.

There were no matters arising.

The minutes of the E.A.G.M held on Monday12th September 2022 were passed as correct

by the members and duly signed by the Chairman.

There was one matter arising. It had been stated that the registration fees would be raised to

£5 per player for this season. As this had not been implemented, this would now come into

effect for the next season 2024/2025.

Chairman’s Report

The Chairman reported that the last couple of years had been difficult but hopefully the

league was now getting back on track with no outstanding games to be played. He

mentioned that too many balls were going over the white line, and for people to take more

care. He thanked Phil & Chris for their ongoing support to the league and also to Jon &

Jennie for their support. He then thanked the members and wished them good luck for the

forthcoming season.

Vice Chairman’s Report

The Vice Chairman reiterated the Chairman’s report and thanked Paul & Chris for all their

hard work throughout the year.

Fixture Secretary’s Report

The Fixture Secretary stated that there had been a few glitches and some mistakes had

been made, but they have now been addressed. Hopefully things will be better this coming


Secretary/Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer stated that he has changed banks due to HSBC bank charges. The cost

sheet had been circulated to the members, and we had a loss of £115 for the season but

thought it would be worse due to costs and less members.

He read out the honorariums, thanked the officers and also Richard Greenhill & Dave

Hanlon for their help with the end of season games.

League Website

Jon Ponting was not present but had previously communicated that he was happy to

continue maintaining the website for the coming season, and that he was not aware of any

downtime during the previous season. Although some members mentioned that they had

problems with the display on their android phones

In the last twelve months, around 3,500 different people accessed the site, with 15,000

individual visits.

Election of Officers

The Chairman asked if there were any volunteers for the position of Secretary as there is

now a vacancy, and this would be needed by the next meeting for the league to continue. No

one came forward during the meeting, but members were asked to pass on the request to

their teams to see if anyone would be interested. He also stated that this would be his last

year as Chairman.

All other officers were voted in en-bloc.

Any Other Business

Treasurer’s Note

The Treasurer stated that the current funds were good, but quite a few shields & trophies

would need replacing for next season so we would be drawing on these funds.

Fixture Secretary’s Note

The Fixture Secretary stated that he was using a new programme to help with the fixtures

and was pleased that there didn’t seem to be any clashes, so will get these to print.

He read out the structure of the divisions for the forthcoming season, and has asked Jon

Ponting it would be possible for an interactive scorecard to be added to the website.

There are 3 alleys so far that have requested an 8pm start time and this would be shown

next to the affected games in the fixture books.

The number of fixture books for each team would now be limited to 5, but if you need more

then let the Fixture Secretary know.

Cup Returns

There are still several cups that need to be returned so please chase up.

Sticker-up Fee

It was voted in that the sticker-up fee would now be £12 per team, and Rule 2(e) would be

amended to reflect this.

Proposed Review of Rules

The proposed review to some of the rules was read out by the Fixture Secretary and wording

to rules 10, 13, 14 and 16 will be amended, and Rule 18 will be added.


A matter was raised as to the structure of the league website regarding GDPR and EDI

(Equality, Diversity & Inclusion). This will be looked into and addressed, if necessary, by the


There being no other business the Chairman closed the meeting at 9pm.


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