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Rules: League Games

Updates to the rules from the previous season are highlighted in red.

Rule 4: Team Composition

4 a) Each team shall consist of nine players.

4 b) Games are to be played in three legs of three players.

Rule 5: Method of scoring

5 a) Each leg - two points for a win, one point each for a draw.

5 b) End of game - four points to team with highest pin fall. Two points each if game drawn.

5 c) Overall points available per game is ten.

Rule 6:

6 a) Start time of a game to be no later than 8:30pm.

6 b) Any team failing to start on time could forfeit the game and all ten points.

6 c) If a player arrives late, he/she may still take part but will forfeit all throws missed prior to their arrival on the alley.

Rule 7:

7 a) Each ball thrown should touch the alley before the designated throw line.

7 b) Players should stand within the confines of the alley when playing.

7 c) The Home Captain may appoint a linesman, but this must be actioned before play starts.

Rule 8:

8 a) The ball must first hit a pin to count towards their score.

8 b) Should a ball hit the side of the alley before hitting a pin/s; the pin/s knocked down will stay down and not count.

8 c) Once a ball hits a pin, whether it falls over or not, all further pins that fall will count.

8 d) Should the ball after first hitting a pin/s rebound off the side of the alley and hit further pin/s down, these will count towards the score.

8 e) Once the ball hits the back of the alley, it becomes dead, and should it then rebound back onto the alley and hit more pin/s down, these will not count to the score, but should be repositioned to the original spot prior to the next ball being thrown.

8 f) In the event of a 'spare', only the pins legally knocked down are to be repositioned onto their original spot/s before the player continues with his/her turn.

8 g) Should a pin/s be knocked over legally and stand back up, they must be removed and count.

Rule 9:

9 a) Players must be registered prior to the game starting. This means that if a team needs to play someone who has not paid, the players name (when entered onto the score card) must be initialled by both team captains.

9 b) The signing on fee for new players will be actioned from their second game.

9 c) The signing on fee must then be paid to the Secretary/Treasurer within 14 days or the end of the season if signed on during the last two weeks. If not, the committee have the authority to deduct any scores obtained by the unregistered player and alter the score card (as seen appropriate).

Rule 10:

10 a) All games should be played as per the Fixture Book.

10 b) In the event that a game has to be postponed, the captain of the team responsible for the postponement must notify the Fixtures Secretary immediately.

10 c) Any postponed games must be rearranged as soon as possible by the home captain and when both teams agree, the Fixtures Secretary must be notified. The game must be played by the date specified by the Fixture Secretary in the Handbook or else the date and alley will be decided by the committee.

Rule 11:

11 a) Should a team need to postpone a game, they must give the other team a minimum notice of 24 hours.

11 b) If the team postponing are the 'away' team, then failure to give such notice will result in them being held fully responsible for the £10 expense incurred by the 'home' team ie. food. Rule 10 still applies in these circumstances.

Rule 12:

12 a) During the season should any teams (within a division) finish level on points, the issue will be decided by the teams pin difference in descending order.

12 b) At the end of the League season, should any teams (within a division) finish level on points in either a promotion or relegation position, the issue will be decided by the teams pin difference in descending order.

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