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Rules: General

Updates to the rules from the previous season are highlighted in red.

Rule 1: Alley, Diamond, Pin and Ball Dimensions

1 a) All alleys shall be 27 feet from the throw line to the front pin.

1 b) The diamond on all alleys must be of a standard size ie. four feet between front and back pin, and four feet between outside right and outside left pin.

1 c) All three balls used in a game must each be five inches in diameter.

1 d) All nine pins used in a game must each measure ten inches tall and five inches in diameter.

Rule 2: Team Registration, Transfers and Fees

2 a) Teams must register their interest to partake in the skittle league annually. This should be actioned no later than the specified date on the registration form. Failure to re-register by this date will result in a deduction of 30 points for the following season.

2 b) Each player within a team must pay £4.00 signing on fee per season.

2 c) Any transfer of players between teams registered to the league is only permitted up to 31st December of each season.

2 d) The Captain of the home team is responsible for submission of the game score to the Fixtures Secretary by no later than 6pm on the Saturday following their league game. He/she is also responsible for the completion and submission of the scorecard to the Fixtures Secretary by the following Saturday. Failure to comply will incur a fine of £3.00 for each occurrence, payable at or before the next committee meeting.

2 e) It is the responsibility of the home team and/or home alley landlord(s) to arrange for a sticker-up at the agreed fee of £1.00 per player. Therefore, a total of £18.00 to be paid on the night of the game.

Rule 3: Committee Responsibilities

3 a) The committee is comprised of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Fixtures Secretary. In addition, it consists of all registered players of the League attending the meeting plus the landlords of each participating pub /club who provides an alley to the league.

3 b) The Fixtures Secretary is responsible for producing (and issuing) the Fixture Book which lists all the league games throughout the season.

3 c) All decisions relating to disputed games and/or any other situation will be final.


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