Pay Fees

Updated: Jun 25

The Malmesbury & District Skittles League can accept payments electronically, as well as cash and cheques.

During a season there are three main instances where additional payments to the league are required:

1) When a game result is received late (after 6pm on the Saturday after the game was played). This is a £3 fine (Rule 2d).

2) When a scorecard or snap submission is received late (after 6pm on the second Saturday after the game was played. This is a £3 fine (Rules 2d).

2) When a new player is signed up on the night of a game. This is a £4 fee. (See Rule 2b, 9a and 9b).

Where a team is in breach of Rule 11b (last minute cancellations), compensation payments should be arranged directly with the home team or alley, not the League.)

How to pay

Using your online bank account, make a payment to the following account:

Account: 90558931

Sort-Code: 40-31-07

Reference: Your team name

Once paid, it would be appreciated if the payee could notify Chris Brace by email

or phone (01666) 823894 to confirm why you have made this payment.

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