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League Meeting - 28th July 2022

A Committee Meeting of the above League will be held at The Red Bull, Malmesbury on

Thursday 28 th July 2022 commencing at 8pm.

It would be appreciated if all teams were represented.

Agenda 220728
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Minutes 220518
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1) Minutes of Meeting 18 th May 2022 (copy attached)

2) Matters Arising

3) Issue of Fixture Books

4) Collection of any Outstanding Fees

5) Any Other Business


1) At the request of the Landlord, all games being played at the Old Royal Ship in

Luckington will start at 8pm.


Minutes of Meeting 18th May 2022

Minutes of Committee Meeting held on Wednesday 18 th May 2022 at The Red Bull,

Malmesbury, at 8.00pm.


Mr. P. Hatherall (Chairman)

Mr. C. Brace (Secretary/Treasurer)

Mr. P. Exton (Vice-Chairman/Fixture Secretary)

The Chairman stated that he would like to thank Chris, Phil, Jon & Jennie for their ongoing

support & hard work to keep the league running smoothly throughout the last two years.

Registration of Teams

51 Teams have registered for the forthcoming season, including one being a new team to

the league. There were no teams that wished for readmission.

It was proposed that the league will consist of 4 divisions to help reduce the number of byes.

The Fixture Secretary stated that the start and end of the season would be dependent on the

number of teams that enter the Nomination and KO cups.


The Committee unanimously voted for this to carried on as in previous years, although with

less divisions this season, it may not lead to many, if any relegations.

Setting up of a Working Group for decision making

This was discounted as not being necessary.

Any Other Business:

1. All communication will be sent in Word format and by email only. All teams were

asked to provide an email contact, as at least one person in a team must have one.

2. Scorecards still need to be filled in and signed, but the Fixture Secretary said he will

accept a clear photo submission by phone to save postage. The website also offers

this feature alongside the submission form.

3. The Fixture Secretary said he would talk to Jon Ponting regarding the new fixtures

being uploaded on the website ahead of the books being circulated. The website has

many features including payment of fees, meeting information, and relevant forms

that can be downloaded under the “Info” tab.

4. The Sticker-up cup will be played just before Xmas.

It was agreed the fees would stay the same.

5. It is up to the Home team if they wish to lay on food, although it should be assumed

that it will not be.

6. Signing on Fees are back to £4 per player.

There being no other business the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.00 pm.


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