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These ​toolkit pages are full of useful gadgets and spreadsheets to make the captaincy of a skittles team that little bit easier.

This comprehensive spreadsheet allows team statisticians to keep track of all results.

This nifty spreadsheet stores your player scores throughout the season, allowing you to keep track of team averages, previous games and more.

Scoreboard Instructions

The Skittles Scores Recorder provides a quick and convenient way to record skittles game results, and automatically generates both team and individual performance data and statistics.

It is based on the skittles game scoring and points system adopted by the Malmesbury Skittles League and can accommodate a maximum of twenty players over a maximum of forty games in any one season.

How to use: The Skittles Score Spreadsheet has been designed to operate in an instinctive manner, however if you are not too familiar with using spreadsheets you should read the instruction manual.

First Steps: On the first tab, enter your player names. The other tabs are used to enter scores from all league and cup games throughout the season.


This spreadsheet file will run on any Windows device which is equipped with Microsoft Excel 2003 or later. It may run on non-Windows devices however there may be compatibility issues.


Created by Jon Evans. Shared with kind permission.