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This page provides a complete list of official rules for all league and cup games that take place in the Malmesbury & District Skittles League.

Rulebook Changes

Following a complete rewrite of the rules for the previous season, there are just a couple of clarification changes for the 2019-2020 season rulebook.

League Rule Changes

Rule 2a: Teams must register their interest to partake in the skittle league annually. This should be actioned no later than the specified date on the registration form. Failure to re - register by this date will result in a deduction of 30 points for the following season.


Previously, the deadline was fixed as the date of the EAGM.

Rule 2d: The Captain of the home team is responsible for submission of the game score to the Fixtures Secretary by no later than 6pm on the Saturday following their league game. He/she is also responsible for the completion and submission of the scorecard to the Fixtures Secretary by the following Saturday. Failure to comply will incur a fine of £3.00 for each occurrence, payable at or before the next committee meeting.

The Fixture Secretary only requires the result of a game before 6pm Saturday. This can be completed by a phone call, text, submitting the result online, email or post. The scorecard, or a clear picture of the scorecard, must be received by the following Saturday. If a photo is sent, the physical card is not required. The website includes an image upload section, or the image can be sent via email.

Rule 9b: The signing on fee must then be paid to the Secretary/Treasurer within 14 days or the end of the season if signed on during the last two weeks. If not, the committee have the authority to deduct any scores obtained by the unregistered player and alter the score card (as seen appropriate).

Clarity on wording - 'final two weeks' is changed to 'last two weeks'.