Staying safe at skittles matches

Keeping the League open and our players safe is our top priority.

Legal restrictions have been lifted, however the League asks that players follow this guidance to help keep everyone safe at matches.

This page will be updated if national restrictions are re-implied, or if a local flareup of Covid impacts the number of games being postponed.

Showing Symptoms

If anyone is showing symptoms of Covid-19 they should follow national isolation guidance and not attend games. Matches can be postponed and rearranged in line with current rules.

Face coverings

Face covering and masks will not be compulsory, but down to individual preference. You should support those players who choose to wear a mask while inside venues.


It is advised that players and sticker-ups use hand sanitiser. Players should refrain from licking their hands before handling the ball, and no damp cloths should be used during play.

Attendance numbers

We are not recommending a maximum capacity for attending skittles games, but please be reasonable, avoid unnecessary crowding, and comply with any restrictions imposed by the venue.


There is no expectation for home teams to provide food at the end of the game.

Fixture books

Fixture books should be available from the start of October. They are being distributed to alleys to be collected by team captains. The full list of fixtures are available online.

Start times

Captains were asked whether they would prefer an earlier start time of 8.00pm for games, instead of 8.30. The responses were mixed, so we have decided to keep the official game start time as 8.30pm. If teams wish to agree an earlier start time, that's up to them to arrange. Don't forget to notify your landlord and sticker-up.

Cup Competitions

The Knockout, Nomination and Double Exit cup competitions will not be held this season.