Skittles League Update

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

To all Captains and Landlords.

It looks like we could be coming out of the Covid pandemic at last.

With the latest government announcement it looks as though we can prepare ourselves for a Winter League programme, with pubs and clubs being allowed to open.

One cautionary note is the number of people allowed to socialise together.

If the rule of 6 still applies then that would be a prohibiting factor to take into account.

The assumption is that the majority of our players will by now have been vaccinated. This should give the protection that we need to go forward.

We would like to get an indication on the following points –

Landlords. Are you prepared to restart skittles in your establishment from about September onwards? Would you wish to impose any restrictions or guidelines?

Captains. Can you raise a team willing to play and participate in the League? Are there any teams that will not be participating in the League if we can get everything organised? Would you like any reasonable safeguards put into place? If so, what and how?

It is appreciated that since April 2020 many things have changed including attitudes to meeting up in large groups.

Whatever happens, we will have to be aware of Government guidelines and plan accordingly. If we are able to start a new season and further lockdowns occur we will take whatever action is required to protect our players safety.

Chris Brace – Secretary Phil Exton – Fixture Secretary/Vice Chairman Paul Hatherall - Chairman