Options for the 2021-2022 Season

Further to recent communications, we have received registration forms from 53 teams.

It is proposed that we run 5 divisions, with 3 of 11 teams, and 2 of 10 teams.

Phil has worked 3 scenarios:

1) A full League Programme with Cup Competitions and End of Season

Competitions. This would need to start 29th August 2021.

2) A full League Programme with End of Season Competitions. This would need to

start no later than 11th October 2021. Although we could start before this date.

3) A full League Programme with Cup Competitions running throughout the year.

This would have to start 13th September 2021.

We have considered these scenarios and recommend Option 2, but we would like to hear

your thoughts and opinions on this.

Please contact us directly to express your thoughts and suggestions by no later than

3rd September 2021.

When we start the League, the following will have to be considered:

1) Do we have enough Sticker ups? Please contact whoever arranges this for your

team to ensure that they are willing and able to carry out the role.

2) What hygiene arrangements would need to be in place to safeguard Sticker ups

and players?

3) Do we make face coverings compulsory?

4) Do we limit the numbers at each venue?

5) Do we want food and if so, what form should this take? Although the general

feeling is that we should not have food this season on hygiene grounds.

Please consider these points and any other that you feel are important and let us know as

soon as possible.

Kind regards,

Chris Brace - Secretary

Phil Exton - Fixture Secretary/Vice Chairman

Paul Hatherall - Chairman