New Covid advice from the League

Updated: Mar 14

To all Captains,

There have been enquires from some teams regarding the current Covid numbers and the

transmissibility of the Omicron strain.

At the present time we are following Government guidance, and all pubs and clubs are open

for business.

Some teams may have members who are hesitant to play at present.

If Captains feel that they wish to postpone games, then we fully understand provided that they notify the opposing team and Landlords.

In the event that there is a backlog of games at the end of the season, we may have to

cancel the end of season competitions in order to complete the League games.

This is an ongoing situation and will of course be reviewed depending on circumstances.

The best interests and health of our players is the most important thing to consider at all


Kind regards,

Chris Brace - Secretary

Phil Exton - Fixture Secretary/Vice Chairman

Paul Hatherall - Chairman