League confirms season will start October 4th

Thank you to all that replied to our recent communication dated 20th August 2021.

The general opinion is that we go for Option 2, which is a full league programme plus End of

Season Competitions.

Phil is working towards a start date of week commencing October 4th 2021.

We expect fixture books to be available, and will get them to home venues for Captains to


There have been no issues flagged up regarding Sticker Ups, so we are assuming that

Captains have dealt with this.

Food will not be required this season.

Face coverings will not be compulsory, but down to individual preference.

There will be no limit on numbers in the alley, but please be reasonable.

Please check with Landlords that they can provide hand sanitising for players and Sticker


If teams wish to use their own hand sanitiser then that is also acceptable.

Players should refrain from licking their hands when handling the ball, and no ‘damp cloths’

should be used.

Kind regards,

Chris Brace - Secretary

Phil Exton - Fixture Secretary/Vice Chairman

Paul Hatherall - Chairman