8.00pm games at Old Royal Ship

Updated: Jul 17

The following request is from the landlord at the Old Royal Ship:

Due to ever increasing costs of running a public house, I have decided that all skittle matches being played at Old Royal Ship, Luckington by the Malmesbury Skittles League are to be started by 8PM, this will allow us to be closed earlier as the matches should be finished by 9.30Pm allowing time to tidy up , this will be fairer to the people sticking up as they don’t want to be out late on cold wet winters nights, it cost’s a lot to keep a pub open with no customers in, habits have changed and customers are out earlier, if this is not suitable to any teams they will need to find a new ally to play from, every skittle player I have asked do not have a problem with it, we are not a stay open late drinking pub, skittles is not particularly profitable and the costs of things doubling and tripling mean I have to keep costs down. Staff are getting harder to get and do not want to be out late working.

Can this be passed on to all teams. Thank you.

Yours sincerely

Dominic Johnson-Greening