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Average and high scores for individual skittlers who play in Division 6 league games.

Every league game result from every player is now being recorded by the Malmesbury & District Skittles League.

This means, for the first time, we can display player averages, high scores, and home / away split averages. 

Players can see how they rank against their team-mates, against other teams in their division, and against every player in the entire league.

This page shows results from Division 6 players only. Use the menu to choose alternative divisions or to display the full set of results from all players.

Information is collected directly from the League in real time.

Learn more about our live data engine here.

The below data may take a little while to load.

How to use the below chart

The table will naturally list players in order of their overall average. You can  relist any column by clicking on the up/down arrows in the green title row.


Use the search box (top right of the table) to enter a team name, surname or forename. This will make it easier to find specific people or teams.

Summary of information:

Rank: Position of player with the Division 6 overall highest average.

High Score: Highest result scored this season

Total pins: Total pins scored in all league games this season