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These ​pages keep you up to date with the latest news from the League. This includes agendas, diary dates and record holders.

Here is a list of current cup holders - both individual and team successes from the previous full season (2018-2019)

Individual Achievements

Pairs Cup:

Winners: Matadors

Runners-up: Castaways

Individual Cup:

Winner: Paul Morse (Bar Nine)

Runner-up: Derek Cole (Sitters)

'Greenhill' Ladies Individual Cup:

Winner: Tracey Rose (Flintstones)

Runner-up: Lucy Trinder (Malmesbury Vics)

Under 21 Cup:

Winner: Lucy Trinder (Malmesbury Vics)

Runner-up: Jamie Day (Oaksey Throwers)

Senior Citizen Cup:

Winner: Jim Trinder (Matadors)

Runner-up: Philip Smith (Castaways)

Officers Captains Cup:

Winner: Rob Hiett (Rookies)

Runner-up: Dave Sheppard (Rebels)

Sticker-Up Cup:

Winner: TBD

Runner-up: TBD

Individual Nomination Highest Score:

Winner: Rob Stinchcombe (Oaksey Throwers) 57

Highest Individual Score:

Winner: Shane Willetts (Rattlebone Hawks) 63

Ivon Weedon Cup:

Winners: Kate McPherson (Oaksey Nomads) 57

David Somerset Tankard - Mens 50 Cup:

Winner: Dale Witchard (Badminton B)

Ladies 50 Cup:

Winner: Kate McPherson (Oaksey Nomads)

Team Achievements

Division 1:

Champions: Badminton B

Runners-up: Brussel Sprouts

Division 2:

Champions: Wannabees

Runners-up: Twelve Bores

Division 3:

Champions: HFC Dooners

Runners-up: Arrows

Division 4:

Champions: Malmesbury Vics

Runners-up: Startreks

Division 5:

Champions: Builders Mates

Runners-up: Sitters

Division 6:

Champions: Shipwrecks

Runners-up: Somerford Shower

Knock-Out Cup:

Winners: Rebels

Runners-up: Startley Wanderers

Nomination Cup:

Winners: Badminton B

Runners-up: Dipsticks

Double Exit Cup:

Winners: Flying Monks

Runners-up: The Rosie

Bob Barnes Away Cup:

Winners: Badminton B

Highest Leg Cup:

Winners: Badminton B (166)

(Dan Cummins 56; James Cummins 58; Dale Witchard 63)

Bottom of the Lot Cup:

Winners: Fruit N Nuts