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Our live data engine

Our website has a powerful new feature for this season which allows us to share every game score from individual players. This information is automatically processed; providing live tables showing player averages and division specific 50 Club rankings.

This is the result of more than six months planning between the Malmesbury & District Skittles League and Jon Ponting Websites.

In previous seasons, results of games have been recorded on standard spreadsheets and manually entered onto the website.

Last season we introduced a new system where results, when entered online by the Fixtures Secretary, were automatically detected and used to generate league tables in real time (rather than weekly updates).

For the 2019-2020 season, the Fixtures Secretary is tracking the scores of individuals as well as teams, and has agreed to place this information on a sharing platform to allow full website access.

How it works

The Fixtures Secretary enters game results and player scores into a cloud based spreadsheet. This information can be viewed publicly, but cannot be edited or deleted.

This information is gathered automatically in real time using a series of bespoke macro-enabled spreadsheets. They collect the raw data, sort the results, categorise, and finally sends the relevant results to the various pages on this website without any human interaction.

This allows the website to display up-to-date league tables, player scores, 50 Club results and player averages within seconds of the information being entered by the Fixture Secretary.

We're not aware of any other skittles league using this kind of system to display such an extent of data in real time. We hope you find it a useful new part of the League's website.

Opt Out

If you do not want your individual results shared publicly, you are entitled to have the information redacted.

By completing this form, Jon Ponting Websites acknowledges you wish to opt out from sharing your name and scores on this website.

Once a request has been received we will remove your identifiable details within 14 days.

Malmesbury & District Skittles League will continue to collect this information, but it will not be made publicly available online.