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These pages show all league and cup competition fixtures, game results and league tables.

With close to 1,000 league and cup games played every season in the Malmesbury and District Skittles League website, it can be tricky to find your team's games in the online fixture lists.

Fortunately, you can sort and filter this season's games to only show the results you want to see.

The ability to search makes the website easier to use and nicer on the eyes. There are however a few peculiarities to be aware of while using the search facility.

Here's a guide to getting the most out of your searches:


When you open the page, all games for the season are listed, in full, in the same order as shown in your booklet.

How to search for your team's games

In the search box, type your team name. For best results, enter your full team name WITHOUT SPACES.

If you enter part of your team name, the search may also display teams or alleys with similar names.

For example, typing Somerford will show ALL games for Somerford Show and Somerford Shower.

There are three exceptions due to teams having very similar names:

Search Somerford-Show for Somerford Show (with a hyphen). This avoids confusion with Somerford Shower.

Search VicsRebs for Vics Rebels. This avoids confusion with Rebels.

Search StartleyWands for Startley Wanderers. This avoids confusion with Wanderers.

How to search for games on a particular alley

You can list all games scheduled to play on any alley. Type an alley name into the Search box.

To prevent the Search facility getting confused between team names and alley names, the title of alleys have been adjusted as shown on the right.

How to search for games on a specific week

You can display all league games in a given week by typing Wk followed by the week number (always use two digits).

For example, to show all games scheduled for League Week 8, search Wk08

How to search for games from a specific division

You can display all league games from any division by typing Div followed by the division number (such as Div1 for Division 1).

Sort details alphabetically and numerically

In the title of each column is an up and down arrow. If you click on these arrows the list of games will be displayed in alphabetical / numerical order. Clicking again will display the games from Z-A or 100-1.

The ability to list games in a specific order can be used with or without a specific search in place.

This can be useful to show, for example, the highest scores of the season.

Alley search

As we have several teams who share their names with alleys, it is necessary to show alley details slightly differently; otherwise the search facility is likely to get confused about what you're looking for.

This list shows how the alleys are listed in the fixtures - use these to search for a particular alley:

BadmintonClub = Badminton Club

KingtonStMichael = Kington St Michael Club


BowlsClub = Malmesbury Bowls Club

FootballClub = Malmesbury Football Club


MinetyPavilion = Minety Playing Field Pavilion

OldRoyalShip = Old Royal Ship, Luckington

Red-Bull = Red Bull, Malmesbury

Rose&Crwn-Lea = Rose & Crown, Lea

Rose&Crwn-Malm = Rose & Crown, Malmesbury

RWBConservatives = Royal Wootton Bassett Conservative Club

StarInn = Star Inn, Hullavington

Tavern = Tavern, Kemble

ThreeCups = Three Cups, Malmesbury

Volunt'r = The Volunteer Inn, Great Somerford

WellesleyArms = Wellesley Arms, Sutton Benger