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These pages show all league and cup competition fixtures, game results and league tables.

There are 72 teams in the Malmesbury & District Skittles League.

To enter the Double Exit competition, a team needs to be knocked out of both the Knockout and Nomination competitions before the Second Round of games.


Normal skittles rules apply. The winning team goes through to the next round.

Initial cup competitions are held in November, with further rounds being held in weeks where there are no league games.

The final rounds take place in April and May.

The following table shows all Double Exit fixtures for the season. Results are automatically updated when the League's Fixture Secretary confirms receipt of the results.

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Teams / Alleys with similar names

Some teams have similar names which causes problems with the search facility. Because of this, three team names follow a slightly different format:
Somerford Show is listed as Somerford-Show (with a hyphen) to avoid confusion with SomerfordShower.

Startley Wanderers is listed as StartleyWands to avoid confusion with Wanderers.

Vics Rebels is listed as VicsRebs to avoid confusion with Rebels.

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